Sunday, 2 October 2011

Wedding Skulls

Last weekend I went to France to celebrate Lisa and Solal's wedding. I finally got the hang of the skull potholders and made them as a wedding gift.

The weekend was fabulous. Ariel and I travelled down from London to the little villiage in Normandy on the Friday. It took around 14 hours but was much more fun than I had anticipated. And who doesn't love a ferry?

The beach was beautiful, with and without instagram.

The wedding itself took place in New York last December. This was a celebration for European friends and family (and a few visiting Americans). Mussels, frites, wine and conversation at a restaurant on the beach as the sun set into the ocean.

The food was gorgeous (they even managed something vegetarian for me) and the restaurant amazing. We sat outside on the sand, they cooked meat over an open fire and the decor was...interesting. Impressive cross-stitch below

On Sunday everyone else went on/back to Paris. I was staying that evening and walked the 6k along the beach to the lighthouse at the end.

And travelling home on Monday I took some time in the local town to see the sights.

Vive la romance <3