Wednesday, 20 July 2011

More blankets

The inside squares of this blanket are some of the first things I ever crocheted. The wool and hook were a gift my colleagues gave me for my birthday last year. Then when I went back to the shop I found out they'd run out of wool. First valuable crochet lesson learned: always keep the ball band. BuI found a way to use them anyway and although if you look hard you can see the mistakes I think it looks ok.

I connected the squares using a new technique to me (details here, via Maddy at Stitch Balham) I'm not sure it works, especially with the bigger squares but I was far too lazy to unpick and it's growing on me. Next time though back to the single crochet unless anyone has any other good suggestions.

Not sure what to do with the blanket now though- I was using it as a table cloth but my flat is starting to look a little too "crazy crochet lady". I guess the next person to have a baby gets it.

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