Monday, 1 April 2013

Blog Every Day in April

So I've been doing ok on my New Years Resolutions. Work is slowly getting better, I did a 10k in 1.09 (ish) and I've lost over a stone and a half. But some things haven't been going so well. My budget for last month wasn't exactly balanced, I've not been writing (as you can see) and the whole "Less time faffing around on the Internet and more time doing things" - not been going so well. In fact I've become a bit internet obsessed. I have two facebook group/forums I could easily spend 8 hours a day on, I track all my food and exercise on apps and websites, I generally faff around on my phone or my laptop at all times. Although actually some of this has been very beneficial- exercise and weight loss have been greatly improved by the amazing and motivating women on my facebook group, I've met people in real life who have been absolutely fab (an evening staying over in Glasgow for work was made loads more fun by an invite from an internet friend to attend an event in their fabric shop) and next Saturday I'm planning an evening in a pub with women I've never met and I'm really looking forward to it. But I do want a bit more balance. So instead of just focusing on facebook and food and exercise I'm going to add a blog challenge into the mix. And yes it is more time in front of a screen but it's also, hopefully, a bit of a kick start back into creativity.

So this month is
* Drumroll*
Blog Every Day in April!
or BEDA for short

Now I can't find much online about this initiative but I half know someone who did it a few years back and their blog list is as follows:

Day 1: BEDA Intro–Up to you how to intro yourself.
Day 2: Day in Haiku–Write about your day in haiku (short 3-line poem w/ 5-7-5 syllable pattern)
Day 3: Crushes–Celebrity, literary (author/character), musician, actors, intellectual, inexplicable
Day 4: Best Advice–That piece of advice you got that you’ll never forget
Day 5: If I won the lottery–What would you do? Finish the statement.
Day 6: Best Live Entertainment–Describe the best live entertainment (theatre, concert, comedy, etc.) you’ve ever experienced
Day 7: TILT–Things I Love Thursday, BEDA tradition where you talk about what you loved that week
Day 8: Follow Friday–Suggest a blog you follow
Day 9: Photo Essay–No words. Just pics. Tell us a story. Take us on a tour. Show us something pretty.
Day 10: Off Your Chest–Get something off your chest: your pet peeves, opinions, rants
Day 11: Dream Vacation–If you could go anywhere or do anything with anyone..what would you do?
Day 12: Brain Crack Ideas–What are those great ideas or inventions you have but haven’t made happen? Your million dollar ideas.
Day 13: Fave Recipe–Doesn’t have to be something you make. Grandma’s cookies? Mom’s casserole?
Day 14: TILT–Things I Love Thursday
Day 15: Follow Friday–Suggest a YouTube channel or video you love
Day 16: Guest Blogger–Take a day off. Find a guest blogger for the day!
Day 17: This I Believe–What’s your personal motivation in life?
Day 18:
Top Ten List–You pick the topic, then make it a Top Ten List
Day 19:
Book Review–You pick the book, review it.
Day 20: How To (Anything)–You pick the topic, show or tell us how to do it.
Day 21: TILT–Things I Love Thursday
Day 22: Follow Friday–Suggest a Twitter personality you enjoy
Day 23: Interview Someone–You pick a person real or fictional and interview them.
Day 24: Holiday Traditions–You pick the holiday, and tell us your traditions.
Day 25: Ideal Karaoke Mix–You have an entire karaoke evening to yourself, what’s your set list?
Day 26: I Never…–You know the game. What’s something you’ve never done?
Day 27: Movie Ending Rewrite–Rewrite your favourite movie’s ending…for better or worse. Up to you.
Day 28: TILT–Things I Love Thursday
Day 29: Follow Friday–Suggest a website you adore
Day 30: BEDA Wrap-up–Wrap up your BEDA experience however you feel is best

Now I doubt I'll follow this exactly but it should help with the days when I can't think of anything to say and give a bit of structure. So wish me luck!  

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